If you are a current advertiser on either:  OR

Your cost to get your message to 7800+ Winona Students is only ONE CENT per student, or $10.00/1000 Email Addresses.

If you are NOT an advertiser on one of the above websites, then your cost is 1 1/2 CENTS per student or $15.00/1000 Email addresses

There is a setup / art fee for each mailing -
$25.00 if you are a current advertiser OR
$35.00 if you are not a current advertiser with us.

If a property Deal of the Day offer use photographs or special artwork - you will need to send us those items.



REACH 7800+ Winona Students via Email


Once your advertising Email has been sent, people who are interested in your offer will open that Email message. Those people who click on links in the Email to learn more about your offer will be tracked.  We can provide you a list (see below) of these people who are very interested in your offer. You can do a follow up Emails to these people using the data provided.

Do you have a property or service that you want Winona Students to know about ?  .... Then consider our
“Deal Of The Day” option.

We take ONE property or service and send the information about that property or service to our current list of 7800+ Winona Students via Email. .

Example of a ONE PROPERTY -  Deal Of The Day

551 Mill - TOP
511 Mill - Bottom

When the person who receives this “Deal Of The Day” Email, clicks on LEARN MORE ..... they are taken to a Classifed Ad on OR to YOUR WEBSITE.  There they can see more pictures and learn more details about the property.

If you have more then ONE property or service to promote -
take a look at our “UP TO FIVE” option

To get your DEAL OF THE DAY Email campaign under way-
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